Demystifying Japanese Cellphone Slang – Kaomoji, Emoji and Decomail

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The well known novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville has as of late observed an interpretation movement fronted by Fred Benenson meaning to deliver Emoji Dick, the world’s first (and maybe last!) novel written in emoticon.

What is emoticon?

Initial a definition; emoticon isn’t a language, it is the Japanese for picture characters, or in English, symbols, in some cases energized, here and there static. They have been standard on Japanese telephones for some a year, at that point as of late help has been presented in Google Gmail and the Apple iPhone, despite the fact that Apple have attempted to smother uphold for emoticon in non-Japanese iPhones. One may imagine that there is a connection among emoticon and hieroglyphics, however to the extent I comprehend hieroglyphics do arrange a language and highlight syntax components, key highlights missing from Japanese emoticon symbols.

How is it being interpreted?

Emoticon Dick is utilizing Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to summon various interpreters; each sentence will be converted into emoticon multiple times, with the best form looked over these three endeavors.

In what manner will it be distributed?

The yield will be accessible in both electronic structure and as the absolute previously printed emoticon book. It will be imprinted on request exertion, so don’t go searching for Emoji Dick in a bookshop. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that it is a triumph, who knows, one might just observe Emoji Dick at a bargain in a blocks and mortar shop.

Yet, is it intelligible?

In a word, no! One can’t peruse Emoji Dick, despite the fact that it ought to be printed with Japanese emoticon and English interpretations interleaved. Consider it a manga realistic novel, which will require the English interpretation of emoticon close to it as discourse bubbles.

What other emoticon writing is accessible?

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