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Until further notice, any connection between utilizing JUUL or other vaping gadgets and creating disease is as yet juul pods near me.

In any case, the American Cancer Society notes e-cigs do contain some disease causing synthetics in lower fixations than conventional cigarettes.

Another examination discovered proof that e-tobacco smoke caused DNA harm in the lungs and bladders of mice, which could prompt the advancement of malignant growth.

In any case, the investigation was little and restricted to research center creatures. More exploration is required.


A genuine condition known as e-cigarette or vaping item utilize related lung injury (EVALI) has been connected to e-cigarettes. Until this point, in excess of 2,000 cases and 39 passings have been connected to e-cigarette use.

Throat and mouth aggravation, hacking, and sickness are likewise regular results. More exploration should be done to decide if there’s a drawn out danger of malignancy.

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Is introduction to used JUUL smoke hurtful?

At the point when you smoke a customary cigarette, the smoke floats through the air. Individuals who are close by take in the smoke. This is called used smoke. It can hurt the wellbeing of any individual who breathes in it.

An e-cigarette doesn’t create smoke. A more precise name for the “used smoke” that comes from a JUUL or other vaping gadgets is used airborne.

Despite the fact that e-cigs like JUUL produce to a greater degree a fume than smoke, there are frequently hurtful parts radiated into the air.

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