Three Different Kinds of Moisture Growths

Keeping moisture out of your house is one of the most important aspects of having a roof. Not only can moisture cause health problems but moisture can also affect several aspects of a house that can lead to long-term health. Moisture can look different depending on where it’s growing and you must know what they look like so you know when problems are developing.


Many people know what mold looks like and where it can grow, but there are a variety of moisture growths that can cause the same problems as mold does. When you find these moisture growths as a homeowner, roofers Roswell is happy to repair your roof. Here are the moisture spots to look out for.


Algae is typically thought of as sea or ocean bacteria. While they are often found in large bodies of water, they will grow in any area with water if the conditions are right. They require dampness and shade to grow and is black in color.


When algae grows on your roof it can cause your shingles to deteriorate and rot completely. Algae in the home also grows in gutters and downspouts. These places can be hard to check for algae since they are so isolated, making it easier for the algae to grow.


Moss is another common form of moisture growth. It needs dampness and cool weather conditions to grow. In homes moss mostly grows on roofs. It is especially likely to grow on wooden shingles or shakes.


As moss grows on your roof it will cause the roof to deteriorate and rot. This will contribute to further roof problems and will cause your roof to need to be repaired. Having a structurally unsound roof can cause more moisture to get in your house or cause your roof to collapse if left unchecked for too long.


Mildew is different from the other mixture growths that are common in homes because it has a powdery consistency and can be varying colors, including pink, red, black, or green. It thrives in warm, humid, and rainy climates. It is common on roofs with a poor drainage system or in a shady area with a lot of trees.


People can be used to mildew growth in their bathrooms so the urgency to repair a mildew roof may be lessened. Mildew grows fast however and causes the same problems that the other moisture growths can cause. It can be a common problem but that doesn’t make mildew less of a concern.


These are not the only moisture growths to look out for, but they are typically the most common ones. Knowing what they are called and how to find them is an important part of homeownership.


When you notice any of these moisture growths or build-ups on or around your roof, it is time to call Roswell roofers and we will be more than happy to check your roof and repair it if needed. Don’t let moisture build up on your roof in any way.


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