What is the alternative to Notepad++ for Mac?


So far, Notepad++ is the most popular and trusted source code editor on the Windows operating system, which seems surprising. The features of the plan are limited at best, and the overall appearance is too simple compared to some runners-up. Its purpose is to provide an open source license for free, allowing anyone to build plug-ins and extensions they see fit.

It turns out that this is exactly what the more than 30 million developers who regularly use Notepad++ need. This simple text editor developed by Don Ho in 2003 has become a rock star of the open source movement in just a few years. Naturally, if you recently switched from Windows to macOS, you might want to know how to download Notepad++ for Mac .


Does Mac have Notepad++?

Unfortunately, there is no exact native Notepad++ Mac alternative. And there are some good reasons. Notepad++ is a non-commercial open source project that was originally built by only one developer for the Windows operating system. This is why it makes extensive use of the Win32 API, and attempts to port software to macOS will require a lot of investment to rewrite the entire code base.

But don’t worry! You can still use Notepad++ Mac version in several ways by running an emulator or virtual machine, but there are some workarounds. In addition, you can always choose one of the many natively running Mac HTML editors and truly utilize all the features of macOS.


Use the emulator to run NotePad for Mac

One possible way to run the actual Notepad application in macOS is to use an emulator program, which essentially creates a compatibility layer between Windows and Mac, so you can actually load almost everything based on the interface on the Mac Windows software.

It sounds complicated because it actually is. However, by using an emulator application (such as Wine), you can quickly install and enjoy Notepad++ or any other Windows programs you missed. Methods as below:


  • Download the Wine package from its official website and unzip the archive
  • Open the terminal and enter winecfg to create a C drive, and Notepad on the Mac will run in it
  • Download Notepad++ from its repository and put it in the newly created C drive
  • Return to the terminal, navigate to the C drive directory, and install the .exe file by entering wine [file name].
  • To start Notepad after the installation is complete, just type wine [file name] again in the terminal finished!

Now, you can run the usual Notepad++ and all its functions directly on your Mac. Although it works well, the solution is not ideal-mainly because you are actually running an application within the application, thus introducing twice as many errors to the entire stack. However, there is another option to use Mac’s Notepad++, which is to set up a virtual machine so that it can basically run Windows completely on the Mac.

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